Love For Black & Ripped Jeans !!

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Hello There !!
How is 2016 treating you…? Hopefully good…. as its just 1 more month for 2017…!!
This is my first post and I am very excited about it. Yay!! Ok, so today’s post is all about ripped jeans which gained popularity in 1980’s & still they continue to be the victor in street style. I am inn with some addition to Black Throne…! Who doesn’t love the colour black, right…? It stands true when said “nothing in the fashion world is really new’. Fashion trends are  basically just rotating, and all credits given to the ones who started it. And now the only trick here is how we style and carry it! When it come to styling myself on a daily basis, I always prefer to go with something that is COMFORTABLE YET QUIRKY. I believe wearing black never goes wrong.
So coming back to the topic, half way through my first post, you already know about my immense obsession for black ! Ripped jeans are super cool but it can be tricky to wear them & still look chic. But definitely not impossible ! I have been crushing on this layering thing for a while now and It’s like really astonishing on how it gives a whole new dimension to the same old basic outfit. Here, I have layered my basic distressed ZARA Blue Skinny Ripped Jeans by putting on a solid black semi-formal polo neck top from VEROMODA. Adding to this outfit is the Chunky Black Heels from FOREVER21 !! It immediately transformed the whole look from being oh so basic to Ooo that’s fierce!
”As I’m sure you can see, I’m new to the blogger world. So any comments or suggestions would be appreciated! I would love to know how you would style yourself on a daily basis. Tag me on Instagram with @lifestylediary_blog to share your look. Let me know how you like the post.
Until Next Time,

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