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Hey There,
I wanna begin with Thanking everyone for all the love & support you guys have given me in  2016! Thank You so much! I know its late to say this, but I really hope everyone had a great start to 2017! I can't wait to find what this year has in store for me & share it with you all.
We are almost half way through Winter! And it is time to bring out all the warm layers from the closet cause finally, the wait is over in Mumbai too! Not so much in the day, but the nights & early mornings sure have become chilly. I've wanted to shoot an all leather look ever since my blog started, but never actually got to doing it. Faux leather, or pleather, is one of the reasons I look forward to winter. If I had my way, I'd be wearing leather throughout the year. I still do wear my pleather leggings & crop tops anytime of the year,  but wearing the jackets can get a little difficult. 
I planned to style these leather biker jackets which I recently bought from H&M; with a crop top from FOREVER21, with a fierce vibe to it. Whenever I style a crop top, my first instinct is to pair it with a mini or a maxi skirt. But this time, I decided to play to the fierce side of it, & went with black & leather for the rest of the look. I layered it over with a pair of ZARA pants & my favourite wedge dessert booties which I purchased during my Delhi tour. I went for a very basic makeup look, & the Nude lipstick, because it's a current staple!
PS: I know i'm not much active on my blog but I promise I will try & be more active on my blog than I usually am! I've been so caught up with work that I've hardly got time to shoot and work on blog posts. I try being active on my social networking sites by posting ootds & stuff but then I really feel the need to shoot! Follow me on Facebook & Instagram @thelifestylediaryy if you havn't as yet.

Until Next Time,


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