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HEY THERE, Every time I Travel, I make sure to go to the pharmacies & beauty stores in the area to see what kind of different products they have. But this time I thought of putting my hands into trying some organic products. Today's post is all about reviewing organic products. As my skin is a bit oily & super sensitive, I will be reviewing a few products that I bought for my skin type a few weeks ago from QTROVE. I am going to talk about how these organic products worked on my skin. As the products are organic, they are safe for all kind of skin type. So if you really want to try out any product or feel that it will work differently on your skin, you should definitely give it a try.!

The weather in Mumbai is extremely humid. Many of us (including me) use our hands to wipe our faces. But what I didn't know, is that this can cause acne. So to get rid of acne I bought this RUSTIC ART REJUVENATE ORGANIC NEEM BASIL FACE WASH from QTROVE a few days ago. And its just for Rs230! I absolutely loved it! It made my skin feel so good after using it.
HOW TO USE- Gently rub 2-3 drops on wet face-Rinse-Wash.
POSITIVE SIDE-The face wash is hand-blended & Natural Vegan product specially made for acne prone skin.
NEGATIVE SIDE- You have to put the bottle in warm water if consistency changes as natural soap becomes flaky at lower temperature.
They are best for Mumbai weather! You can buy this directly from thier website- www.rusticart.in OR from instagram page & website of QTROVE-Curated from love.

As mentioned above, I have a super sensitive & oily skin that is extremely prone to random breakouts. Whenever I use a heavy make-up on my face, I will surely have a breakout on my face by next morning! I've been looking for a good spot on treatment for my skin for a while now. I'd heard a lot about this ORGANIC MILL- GREEN TEA FACE CLEANSER from QTROVE, & gave this cleanser a try.
HOW TO USE- Take a Teaspoon of the cleanser with the wooden spoon provided & add some water to make it into a fine paste. Massage it onto your skin for a couple of seconds & then wash it off. TIP- Use atleast once a day & follow by using Organic Mill's APPLE CIDAR TONER.
POSITIVE SIDE- The cleanser is again a Natural Vegan product which makes your skin feel completely clear, oil-free & fresh.
It almost worked like a miracle for me! If you have breakout prone skin like mine, I definitely recommend this! You can order it online from www.organicmill.in OR from instagram page & website of QTROVE-Curated from love.

I really wanted to try out the AREEV CITRUS & TURMERIC BODY WASH from again QTROVE, Since it cleanses & enliven our skin. Tumeric, an all natural antiseptic removes grime & counters, the ill-effects of everyday dirt, dust & pollution. And its just for Rs450!
HOW TO USE- I am sure you guys know this...
POSITIVE SIDE- Once again a Natural Vegan product. Gentle enough for dialy use, it enlivens your mood with its tingling fresh citrus aromas.
The body wash is very Mild yet Efficient. Worked well for me! All of Areev's products are free of phthalates, phosphates, sulphates, parabens & are colour safe. You can buy this from instagram page & website of QTROVE-Curated from love.

QTROVE has many more Organic products for your dialy use. You can check their instaram page- qtrove OR visit their website- www.qtrove.com.I know this post was longer than my usual posts but I hope this post helped you. Do let me know if you want me to do more posts like this.!
P.S. : Please make sure to check the contents of each product in case of any allergies.

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