Vibrant Tulle !

By Unknown - 01:02

Summers are fading & so is the reason to officially wear dresses. We're already prepping up for rainy but I had this look in the backlog which is going up now. Today's look is yet another Brunch & Dinner look for you all. I came across this dress in a boutique in Bandra (don't exactly remember the name of the boutique) & wondered that such dresses have been a part of my closet for a while now. Earlier they would be for special occasions, but now they are my go-to even for brunches or for night parties. I completely loved this vibrant pink tulle dress, it is one of my favorite colors. I think tulle dresses suits almost all body types & more often adds the cute element. I went with my next favorite, rose gold glares. They are your rescue in the hot summers. I picked this grey clutch & a watch to add the right vibe to this outfit. The last bit were these gorgeous white heels with black prints that I picked from Koovs. I'd love to know what you thought of this look & what have been your summer favorites this season?

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