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 Hey guys so todays post is all about Exotic Fluido Collection by NAMZISH.
Just like women of the 21st century, Namzish clothes are bold, inspiring, breathe oodles of fun & a dash of whimsy. Their unique designs, free flowing fabrics, & consistent quality is what sets them apart. The USP of Namzish gowns is the length of their dresses. The longest trail gown designed by them is a whopping 30 feet!
Their collection has been inspired by Cinderella. They have variety of gowns with Soft Fluid Fabrics, Extravegant Flares, Royal Colors, Princess Cuts, Long Trails, Frills & Curls. They have colors ranging from Bright Coral, Deep Purple, Rose Red, Sunshine Yellow, Royal Blue, Mint Green to Light Peach, you are sure to fall in love with these gowns.
The collection has everything that is required for a dreamy sequence right out of a fairy tale. I got my hands on 3 of their favorite gowns i.e. PURPLE FLUIDO, BLUSH PINK INFINITY & OFF-SHOULDER BLOOD RED GOWNS. Their gowns created a magical effect in photographs & made me feel just like a Cinderella Princess. These drapes can be used in so many different ways to enhance our beautiful pictures & add some glamour. With their detachable trail, its easy to create a plethora of styles using the same gown.
The best part of Namzish is that these gowns can simply be rented at reasonable prices for your photo shoot & returned to them after completion. They also have an option to customize a gown as per your requirement of style, color, fit & design. They provide gowns for all kind of photo shoots like Pre-wedding shoots, maternity shoots, bridal shoots, fashion shoots, celebrity shoot, save the date shoot, engagement shoots, bridesmaids' shoots & couple shoots. Gowns that add the right amount of drama and look magnificent in pictures.
Namrata, the founder of Namzish puts it "We've heard of market share & share of wallet but we are here to capture share of heart".
You can view their entire collection by following them on Instagram and Facebook.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/namzish/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/namzish/

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